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4/8/2022 9:30:26 AM

As I write this, I am placed at the Ambegaon, Pune branch of Orchids The International School. I joined the organization in 2019 at the Mysore Rd, Bangalore branch as a Secondary Teacher, but had to apply for a transfer to the Pune branch because of an unforeseen incident.   

 The Pandemic hit the world & just like every other organization, our school at Mysore Rd, also went online from March 2020.

 I got busy taking online classes with a 70+ mother to take care of. My husband started working from home too. Taking classes online was the first time for children & so very hectic. I was used to meetings on zoom however as I am part of a Mentorship Program.  I, fortunately, had my maid helping out. We pulled through the Lockdown at Kengeri, the three of us, with my brother who couldn’t return to Dubai, visiting us in between.

Then it struck. My family got infected starting with my brother, mother, my husband, me, and my two 70+ paternal aunts. My son fortunately was placed in Pune with his grandparents. My husband took care to have my brother & mother admitted to a good hospital amidst – the ‘No beds available scenario’. I was home quarantined & my husband himself had to get admitted later. Everyone recovered & returned home. But God had a better home for my husband. He showed a very special love up above, & invited him to his heavenly abode on 22nd October 2020.

I had thought what I heard or read in news will not happen to us. Life teaches us that it is not so. Through all this, my school kept me busy with crazy schedules and deadlines. Children’s lively presence on the screen made me forget everything and focus on what I needed to do – Teach. Teaching and Training have been my calling. My family and friends were/are my greatest support and the reason to go on. I would also like to mention the Mentorship Program that I have been a part of for many years. My mentors you can say, are my mental lifeline. The right way of thinking leading to the right attitude in life is like a boat that can take you from the rage of storms to the safety of shores. Finally, one mustn’t forget the spiritual power that one has access to 24/7. We, in India, are taught to pray from childhood and I am thankful for our culture. I have learned this lesson in life – When you don’t have – give. You can give love, attention, care, or just be there for people who need you. You can also help needy people with money and service. After all, the purpose of life is to be that someone who people can count on – a strong message I carry from my husband.


Veena Bakhle, English Teacher, Orchids The International School, Ambegaon Branch


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