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19 killed in millitant attack on Shia masjid in Peshawar

2/13/2015 5:12:30 PM

Peshawar: At least 19 people killed and more than 60 people got injured in a Grenade attack on a Shia Masjid in northwest Pakistan on Friday.  The attack occurred after two weeks of suicide bombing at a Shia Masjid in southern Pakistan where 61 people died. 

Five gunmen threw grenades before storming the Imamia Masjid in Peshawar around the time of the main Friday prayers, said police.
Anti-Shia attacks have been increasing in recent years in Karachi, Quetta, the northwestern area of Parachinar and the far-northeastern town of Gilgit. The country has stepped up its fight against militants since a Taliban school massacre in Peshawar in December. 

Shias are the one of the main division of Muslims in the world. Shias make up about a fifth of Pakistan’s population of around 180 million. Some 1000 Shias have been killed in the past two years in Pakistan.


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