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NaMo joins Sina Weibo to befriend with Chinese citizens

5/5/2015 3:50:40 PM

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi used soft power to interact with Chinese people. P M Narendra Modi logged in the Chinese social networking media Sina Weibo to connect with the Chinese citizens.

Modi would visit China from May 14 to 16. Weibo is the largest micro-blogging site with about 140 million monthly active users, and China, with 1.29 billion users has more phone users than any other country.

Narendra  Modi leads  with second position  on social media with 12 million Twitter followers and 28 million Facebook page likes  after US President Barack Obama. 

Political leaders widely are aware that power comes from attraction, and they effectively use it through social media. Social media leads the front position to lead political activity around the world.


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